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on cloud 9 with the love of my life, or actually, above it :)

oh my goodness


we should send this to Justin and jog his memory 

JELENA!!! :)

July 20th / 385 notes

After sitting around on my ass all day (woke up at noon, watched keeping up with the kardashians for a few hours in my pajamas) i decided around 4 I should maybe get off my ass and do some insanity tape. I debated this with my cat for about an hour before deciding that I would already be done doing it if I didn’t waste so much time dreading. So after doing the tape and (on an adrenaline rush) swimming 50 laps in my pool, I have to say that I don’t regret it at all. Do something exciting with your day that’ll get you towards your goal #inspiration

And as a little encouragement, I stepped on my scale afterwards. And despite knowing that I didn’t lose two pounds in one day, I’m two pounds less than the last time I checked, which makes me feel good. and makes me wanna keep going. so yeah. start your day off right. tomorrow i might seriously go ride a bike and listen to 50s music. i feel like it’ll just be that kinda sunday. *shrugs* 

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me and my friends asked to act casual for a picture


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"You deserve to be with somebody who will drive three hours, just to see you for one."
-Guidelines For Finding Someone Worthwhile (via aviolafyre)

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Look at all those ducks there are at least ten

Well, you’re not wrong.